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2/28/2019 Kelvin Cruz Aracaju - Brasil
Mestre Vinnie, parabéns pelo trabalho, obrigado pela imensa contribuição para a bateria que vem vendo dando, você é a minha maior referência, inspiração e influência de baterista.
2/10/2019 joe rizzo United States
Thank you Vinnie, for that Spectacular performance with Herbie at NJPAC 2/9/19 You are a Creative Musical Genius that continues to inspire all of us Drummers, Musicians, music lovers. Music is the Best.
2/6/2019 alex bugnoli italy
Happy Birthday God !!!
2/6/2019 Dean Wuksta
Hi, saw u with Bill Evans and had a quick chat, then Sting here in WA, my fav drummer, massive influence, hope to see u again sometime in WA
2/6/2019 regis coisne france
Thanks , Master !
2/5/2019 Hiroshi Horibe Chiba-pref., Japan
Happy Birthday Vinnie! I wish you a wonderful year again!
2/5/2019 Bulent ATLIOGLU FRANCE
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Vinniiiie, happy birthday to you. Good health and happy new year. Bulent Atlioglu.
2/5/2019 Manuel Rosa Montclair New Jersey
Happy Birthday Vinnie! Hoping to catch the Herbie show at Bergen PAC.
1/12/2019 Ivan Plyaskin Melbourne, AU
Vinnie, will you ever visit Australia in any nearest future? My dream is to see you live. Thank you for your incredible inspiration over the years!
1/7/2019 Kim Mullen Hicksville NY
Hi Vinnie. I've been a big fan of your work since the 80's! Then recently watched Jeff Beck....still on the run which was great..and to see you there praising Jeff and the other great musicians..where I'm sure on a special about you, they would reciprocate!!! God bless!! Xo.
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