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11/16/2018 Tim Crook Uk
Thank you Vinnie, you kept me from suicide. God bless you
8/17/2018 Megan Kenny Melbourne
Hi Vinnie, Just listened to some Sting (7days and that era) and have realised that I'm a huge fan of yours and didn't even realise it because as a teenager I didn't really check out all the band names. Always loved your playing and the clips are great to see now. Thanks for years of joyful playing that was a lot of the background music of my life back then. Although I'm a musician (flautist) drums and bass are what really takes me somewhere I want to be. Come to Australia please ! Megan
8/15/2018 Todd Remmy Cincinnati
Hi're the reason I saw Jeff Beck last week. I didn't know you were playing with him again until Paiste put a post up with your cymbal set-up. I couldn't believe you were back. I bought tickets that day. You're Jeff's greatest drummer in his career. You can match him note for note and go anywhere he goes and vice-versa. Of course you can do that with anyone you play're a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for the joy you bring to the stage & on record... Todd Remmy
8/9/2018 Matt McLoughlin Redmond, Washington, USA
Vinnie, your playing on "Seven Days" is incredibly inspiring; I've been listening to the video version from Lake House every day for the past few weeks. I feel like I've tripped and fell down a rabbit hole discovering you as a player. Thank you so much for the awe-inspiring music you've created in your career, and the legacy you've left and continue to forge.
8/6/2018 Bob Saydlowski VA
Vinnie, I've been watching clips of the current Jeff Beck tour. Holy crap. You are killing it as usual. Be kind to Jeff with some of those fills, ok? ;-) Hope to see you at the Wolf Trap show later this month! -Bob
8/5/2018 Peter Bonaccorsi Attleboro, MA
08/05/2018 Mr. Colaiuta, Great show at Blue Hills Pavilion in Boston with the entire Jeff Beck band...I am not a musician but I witnessed a storm of sound from you that basically stunned me...I do not believe that you only have two arms and legs...I thought Live at Ronnie Scott's was super but seeing you live is another dimension...thank you sir.
8/3/2018 Joseph Drake Allen, TX
Hi Vinnie ! As is the case with most of the most recent submissions here, saw you with Jeff Beck [Dallas on July 25, '18.] You really have something special—a gift from God—that has been coupled with your hard work. First heard you on a Crystal Lewis CD, 'fearless', way back in the day in my tiny Maine hometown after church one Sunday. I was like, "whoa, what is that?" You really are blessing everyone who has the pleasure of hearing your music. You've heard it from many, but hear it from me too: "May God richly bless you!" -Joe Drake Allen, Texas
7/28/2018 John Morris Houston, TX
Hey Vinnie, Saw you in Houston w/Beck earlier this week - mind blowing experience. 1st time to see you live. I’ve now seen three of the greatest drummers ever on tour w/Jeff: Simon in 1980, Terry in ‘89 and finally I witness you at the kit. I am forever blessed. May your sound, style and sublime groove live and inspire us all forever!! God bless you!
7/21/2018 Mark Van Holsbeck LA
Vinnie, saw you in Irvine last night. You were on fire. Loved watching and listening to you play. It was a pleasure. Mark
7/13/2018 Jesús Valencia Granados
Hola Vinnie, me encantaron la percusiones que hiciste para Alejandro Sanz en “No es lo mismo” y en el MTV fuiste un mounstro en el mejor sentido de la palabra. Maestro 👏🏻🥁
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