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6/19/2019 Shane Sheaf Columbus, Ohio
Vinnie is my number 1 favorite drummer!
6/6/2019 Annabel Harrold New Zealand
The most sensational drumming I have experienced last night in Wellington, NZ. Astounding.
5/17/2019 Hiro Susuki Nara/Japan
I love playing the drum. However, the more I find there is to be learnt and difficulties.
5/9/2019 Roberto Pastor Los Angeles
Love your music. Roberto Pastor drummer.
5/2/2019 Paul Marangoni Los Angeles, California
I love the music and your playing on Mark Isaacs' Resurgence record. Man, oh man it's tasty.
2/28/2019 Kelvin Cruz Aracaju - Brasil
Mestre Vinnie, parabéns pelo trabalho, obrigado pela imensa contribuição para a bateria que vem vendo dando, você é a minha maior referência, inspiração e influência de baterista.
2/10/2019 joe rizzo United States
Thank you Vinnie, for that Spectacular performance with Herbie at NJPAC 2/9/19 You are a Creative Musical Genius that continues to inspire all of us Drummers, Musicians, music lovers. Music is the Best.
2/6/2019 alex bugnoli italy
Happy Birthday God !!!
2/6/2019 Dean Wuksta
Hi, saw u with Bill Evans and had a quick chat, then Sting here in WA, my fav drummer, massive influence, hope to see u again sometime in WA
2/6/2019 regis coisne france
Thanks , Master !
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