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6/23/2020 Andrew William Malaysia
Love your book which I'm using for my students at advanced level. Keep up the great work
5/28/2020 Kevin Hugh Connecticut
You’re the GOAT! When I think of greatness I think of you, Michael Jordan etc. People that are undeniable. I hope one day you will consider putting out educational material - even just through your website. You have such a wealth of experience and knowledge - any topic would be a gift.
5/5/2020 Carl Williams Scotland
Hey Vinnie Great to join you all the way from Bonnie Scotland and stay safe my friend. Kindness regards Carl Williams
4/27/2020 Krzysztof Piątek Poland,Olkusz
Hello Mr.Vinnie Colauita! I' m yours BIG fan. I admire yours game and I do everything to play the drums like you do. I greet you MASTER!!! Krzysztof Piątek Poland
2/28/2020 Brent Krieble Bloomington, IN
Thank you very much! My introduction to you started with Frank Zappa in the early 80's - when I look at your discography - you have been a part of my listening experience for many, many years! Thanks so much!!! All the best to you!!!...
2/5/2020 Paul Marangoni Los Angeles, California
Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you, happy Biiiirthdaaay dear Vinnie, happy Birthday to you!
2/5/2020 Armando Romoli Italy
Happy birthday Maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/26/2020 Michael Sheahan Phoenix, Arizona
Hello Vinnie. Just want express my love of your craft. I'm a weekend giggin drummer. Your music on so many records on so many genre is most incredible. Thank you.
1/22/2020 Tomoaki Tanaka Japan
Dear. Mr.Vinnie Cooaiuta. I'm Tomoaki. Facebook Red Shift page Administrator. Mr. Arthur. Mr.Don Poncher. and The Doors Side Too. (Now Closed) '81 years old Grama Drummer and granddaughter at New Orleans. (Two Japanese First Time Oversea Sightseeing) 16 years old playing Drummer. 28 years old Married. 1970 Husband Died. Someday go to America. She and Husband Dream
10/14/2019 Lucas Scoz Santa Catarina, Brasil
Hi Mr. Vinnie! I am a big fan of your work. I dream of someday playing drums like you. Big hug from Brazil!
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