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11/1/2022 Joseph Cavalleri United States
11/1/2022 Mark Pascale San Mateo, CA
I have never had the privilege or honor of seeing (hearing) Vinnie. I've seen interviews, really good ones like meaning of life, music, and drums type with Vinnie. I'm very intrigued by Vinnie, being self-taught and recognized so very highly. I would love to get him to come play in the SF Bay Area at Yoshi's. Please make it happen:-) Best, Mark
10/26/2022 James Wood West Palm Beach
I went to see Jeff Beck in West Palm Beach about 3 years ago. During the concert I mentioned to my wife that she should watch this drummer because he’s good! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know the name of the drummer so I googled it. My drum teacher sat me down and schooled me on the drumming mastery that I saw that night and since then, he’s been giving me lessons that include some of Vinnie’s grooves and work. Thank you for sharing your talent and joy of drumming. Jim Wood
10/25/2022 Jeremy Bryant Waco,Tx
I have not been able to come watch you play live, yet. I really hope I get that chance in the near future. You have inspired me through all my years of playing and I promise you that my kids and their kids will continue listening to Vinnie. You are called by your first name in my house as if we went fishing together last weekend 😁. Thank you sir.
10/15/2022 alan smith KC Mo
70 year old former drummer here. You were at Drummers for Jesus in Dallas, if I remember correctly (decades ago). I am a Christian, appreciate the encouraging nature of the podcasts, interviews etc. As everyone else has noted, I appreciate your technical facility, but personally love the totally unorthodox ideas that materialize spontaneously from your drumming consciousness. I suspect you are even surprised at times at the sounds that mysteriously emerge from your hands and feet. Loved the Mclaughlin, Dom Famularo interviews in particular. The road less traveled has been very good to you, better for us as listeners. I don't mind aging, but realize I took for granted the amazing variety of music that was available in the 60's 70's and what a joy it produced. You are a great ambassador for drumming, as well as God. Passing on a link... alan
9/27/2022 Karl Kucera Calgary Canada
What this guy, listen to this guy, Frank's other kids ...fogetaboudit'
Your comments in one of your interviews really hit home with me. I've been looking for the words for these feelings when I hear 60s music, and you summed it up by saying the songs were a collected sense of hope, reflecting upon an entire time and what it represents. There was such magic ........and then a song by the Moody Blues came on the radio ---- from the ashes we will build a better day
8/9/2022 Ken Smelko United States
Hello Vinnie, I'm from the Burgh, livin' in Uniontown. 6 years your elder. Years ago, I was hired by Leon Cook after you left the band with Scott Elias to play Snow Shoe in WV. We never went to Snow Shoe but we played a couple years in Pittsburgh. Pete Porreca was the Secretary of the Union then in Uniontown, he has since passed, but he was my wife's father. You're a fantastic drummer. I got a masters at UNT, Rick Latham and I shared a studio. I gave orchestral snare drum lessons to Greg Bissonette. I don't play anymore because setting up and tearing down is brutal when you're 71. Just wanted to say hello. God Bless, Vinnie.
St. Peter's Church in Brownsville still rings the church bells every Sunday morning, and you can still hear the barges on the river. The Union Station building is sad, however, Dr. Prakorb is still practicing medicine today near the Brownsville Hospital, which is not operating as a hospital. It is supposed to be used in a movie or a series. The town is bare and broken. Fiddles is still open.
You came a long way since the Brownsville band. I can still see you walking through the halls of the Brownsville Area High School. You were so cute with your dark straight hair and glasses. You were always drumming with your drum sticks even walking in the halls to class. 1973 crush
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